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Mirasol's fine yarns are a luxury you can afford. Made of super-quality, ecologically grown animals alpaca, lama and viknowa, originating from Peruvian Andy, come in a number of stunning vivid colors that are a pleasure for knitting. The irresistible softness will provide clothes with a unique touch that guarantees the best quality so you will never want to wear anything else. And all this luxury comes

with the added benefit of knowing that you are contributing to the support of the children of the Peruvian shepherd alpaca. The Mirasol project, named after a little girl who helped grow a herd of alpaca near Lake Titicaca, was created in 2006 d. of the Michel family. Its aim is to raise enough money by selling the yarn and wool to Mirasol to begin fighting the extreme poverty these children face and to help them secure a better life and a future.

Part of each purchase is devoted directly to financing a school in the remote Munani area of ​​the Pune area to educate the shepherd's children.



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